“Make sparks”: an inspirational poem

ZP_Rodrigo Alvarez_Poesia Visual para Rosa Parks_2008

Make sparks”:  an inspirational poem


Best, Carrie;

Desmond, Viola;

Rosa Parks.

Two at The Movies;

One on The Bus;

Three for Justice.


Step upon step,

Day after day,

Choice by choice.

And what if You,

And what if I,

Lend our voices,

Look Wrong in its eye?


It’s hard to have guts

Yet do it we must

no ifs, ands, or buts –

Cry “Freedom!” and Aye

Trust in Our Common Future.

.     .     .

The illustration at the top is called “Poesía visual para Rosa Parks” by Rodrigo Alvarez. Alvarez uses musical symbols in ironic fashion. His equation means: one white half note does not equal two black quarter notes. Yet in musical notation half notes are white, and they do equal two black quarter notes. Alvarez has created a confusing “non-equation” to draw attention to untenable notions of racial segregation and inequality.

.     .     .     .    .