“Where I’m From” by Luca


I’m from the artwork that mother makes and buys,

I’m from apple,

pod to phone and touch to tik.

I’m from the cotton fluff dragged around by the dog,

that reminds me of those bottles,

which I keep procrastinating to put outside.

I’m from the pear tree,

the ivy and the ferns which grow on one side.

I’m from the trees and the gardens

(which are all so natural),

also the gates and high hedges,

which people like to keep private.

I’m from No and Na,

Dino, too,

all three are gone,

they’re all on my mother’s side.

I’m from the stories, relived by dad,

and from the brunch,

and the pancakes.

I’m from fun which is only age,

replaced with a smile.

I’m from what God said to his people

(in the Torah, probably),

the most golden rule of all;

 Do Unto Others, As Others Would do Unto Y’all.

I’m from roast turkey and chicken,

a few ribs will do,

from chocolate pecan pie

to whipped cream sundaes,

so much you can barely see the ice cream.

                                     I’m from the little blue photo album,  which is rarely seen.


LUCA, age 10