Elyas Mulu Kiros: “Bonito y Sabroso”, “Winter Blues” and “Genuine Street”

Life can be Bonito y Sabroso even though we feel those Winter Blues...if we can meet up on Genuine Street.

Elyas Mulu Kiros

I just want to say…” (Winter Blues)


“I am by the window:
Observing rapid snowflakes falling,
On the concrete
Outside this cold apartment,
Without sticking.


I just want to say
That the view makes me think
Of the days and nights
We used to spend cuddling
To keep each other warm;
But that is now a memory
I keep, locked in a room,
Deep inside this melancholic heart.


Dear, I may have contributed more
to your unhappiness and less
to your joy, but I just want to say
You always have a special place
in my heart—
Whether you believe me or not.
I mean it.”


After writing that letter
On a mental paper,
He folded the paper
And then put it in a mental envelope—
Only to mail it to a mental fire
That burned it before
He picked a real pen and paper.


He then just played Winter Blues,
Waiting for inspiration.

.     .     .

Bonito y Sabroso”


Sometimes life may be just so so
But it is also bonito and sabroso.
Look at it through young eyes.
Should you believe not this:
Sometimes life may be dull and tart
But it is also beautiful and sweet.
Feel it with a young state of mind.
Should it grow old, embittered?
Never stop learning – Continue balancing.

.     .     .

Genuine Street”


Let you & I meet
half-way on Genuine Street.
Only then may we create a space
that may help us
reshape or challenge
our fixed or biased

Otherwise, if we just wait
for the other to come meet us
in our comfort zone
and expect him or her to change,
then we must not be genuine
or serious.

.     .     .

All poems © 2013 Elyas Mulu Kiros

.     .     .

Elyas Mulu Kiros is an Ethiopian poet living in New York City. He writes in English and in Amharic. He keeps a WordPress site called Kweschn: Horn of Africa and Beyond. http://kweschn.wordpress.com/

.     .     .     .     .

መልካም ፋሲካ / Melkam Fasika !

*     *     *     *     *

Elyas Mulu Kiros

“Missing Mom’s Cooking”

Here I crave

my mom’s cooking

on Easter eve

I die longing for

mom’s Doro Wot

mouth burning

spicy hot

And that Injera

flat bread

of primavera

that I enjoy

eating by hand

day after day.

I ask my mom

to send her son

the tasty spell

via cell phone

or aéropostale.


Today, April 15th, is Ethiopian Easter Sunday.

We thank Elyas Mulu Kiros for this special 2012 Fasika poem !