Toronto flora of “high summer”: The Sunflower

Sunflowers in Toronto 1_July 27th 2013Sunflowers in Toronto 2_July 27th 2013Sunflower – dawn, high noon or dusk hour –
Why, for me, do you have such power?
You: my glad face when I’m
open to joy, not anger’s toy; when I’m
frank with feeling, not secretly reeling.
Go ahead, you nod, do your best, you nod,
And the rest of your pals say: we knew that you could!
You are eager and honest and simple and true
– and guess why I love you so?
’cause my spirit grows
when we’re face to face
– and then I can re-join the human race.


Alexander Best,  July 31st, 2013

Sunflowers in Toronto 3_July 27th 2013