Toronto flora of “high summer”: The Lily

Lilies in Toronto 1_photo by Elisabeth SpringateLilies in Toronto 2_photograph by Elisabeth SpringateLilies in Toronto 3_photograph by Elisabeth Springate

Lily – my childhood flower. I learned to walk

among your stalks. And your ancient sophistication

is part of me now;   your beauty beholds me / I behold you,

and The World is good glimpsed from your point of view.

Of my sad boyhood face there remains a dream-trace,

and your fragrance and form taught me all I should know:

Stand tall and upfront and, well – put on a show.

Elegant, primitive, glowing style…

Lily, you sleep as a bulb under snow,

then you hold your head high in the summer awhile.


Alexander Best,  July 31st, 2013

Lilies in Toronto 4_photograph by Elisabeth SpringateLilies in Toronto 5_photograph by Elisabeth Springate

Photographs of Lilies in Toronto gardens by Elisabeth Springate  (July 28th– 30th, 2013)