Daniel Chirom: Leonardo and The Last Supper

Daniel Chirom (born 1955, Argentina)

Leonardo and The Last Supper


Under commission to Ludovico il Moro

I did “The Last Supper”, in careful detail, over a period of three years.

I made not a single mistake

– it was my intention that Christ and his apostles

would be disintegrating over time.

When perhaps the Supper is to be served again

another Ludovico will order me to re-do it

– at least until the wine runs out.

I trust in the eternal thirst of humankind.


.     .     .

Editor’s note:

Ludovico il Moro was Duke of Milan, and a patron of the arts.

In 1496 he commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint “The Last Supper”

on a wall inside a Dominican convent.  Da Vinci did not use

traditional fresco techniques, rather he experimented.

His method, and the paints he used, have not stood the test of time;

the mural has had to be restored repeatedly.



Translation from Spanish into English:  Alexander Best

.     .     .


Daniel Chirom (nace 1955, Argentina)

Leonardo y la última cena


Por encargo de Ludovico el Moro

deletreé durante tres años la Última Cena.

No cometí ningún error,

fue mi voluntad que Cristo y sus apóstoles

se fueran desintegrando con el tiempo.

Cuando la Cena sea nuevamente servida

otro Ludovico me encargará rehacerla

hasta que el vino vuelva a escasear.

Confío en la eterna sed del hombre.

.     .     .