Alicia Claudia González Maveroff: It depends, doesn’t it? / Depende…


Zumaque canadiense durante el invierno_Sumac in winter_Canadá

Zumaque canadiense durante el invierno_Sumac in winter_Canadá

Alicia Claudia González Maveroff

It depends, doesn’t it?
There are those who look out at the sea and perceive only the waves, and so they meet up with water
– doesn’t it all depend on our gaze?
He who looks at the countryside yet cannot distinguish the horizon perhaps is he who might go into the woods only searching for firewood.
But there are others of us – she who is
in flux – who will uncover the real magic.
She looks at the naked tree in winter
and she smiles, in faith,
awaiting the fruit such trees will bear – in time.
And there are those of us who,

even before our eyes open each morning to see the world around us

– well, we’ve already dreamed of such worlds!

. . .

Alicia Claudia González Maveroff

Hay quien mira el mar y solo ve las olas,
solo encuentra el agua…

Todo depende de la mirada.

Quien mira el campo y no distingue el horizonte,
quien entra al bosque y solo va por leña.

Otros en cambio, de lo real descubren la magia.

Miran un árbol desnudo en el invierno
y sonríen confiados esperando que de sus frutos
cuando sea el tiempo.

Y están aquellos que antes de abrir los ojos
y ver el paisaje,
ya lo han soñado.

. . . . .