“Scrunter”: The Cheeky Caroler



Home-Made Wine (Aye, Miss Gloria)

Lyrics by the Calypsonian “Scrunter”

(Irwin Reyes Johnson) from Trinidad and Tobago





“parang” is Trinidad Christmas music,

originally from Venezuela – and

“paranging” is caroling – singers and musicians

going from house to house and given food and

drink for Nativity/Good Will songs sung in Spanish

and English.


“wine” is a double-entendre – it means, of course,

the alcoholic drink, but also:  to dance freely, with

vitality and erotic possibility




Leh we go !

Ah went paranging by meh neighbour,

Ah went by Miss Gloria (aye Miss Gloria)
Ah say, madame – what you have to offer?
She said, ah have everyt’ing right here (aye Miss Gloria)
Ah doh buy whiskey – neither strong rum

– it is against my religion (aye Miss Gloria)
Ah have homemade wine in all description

Rude boy, you could sample any one.


Pommecité (pom pom pom), Hog Plum, Cashew and Guava
Banana, Five-Finger, Balata and Cane

Ah want some homemade wine, madame Gloria
Gimme some homemade wine, it nice
Ah want some homemade wine, madame Gloria
Gimme some homemade wine, it sweet
Pom pom, pom pom pom pom…….


Ah have black cake from Joan already

So right now ah doh want no more (aye Miss Gloria)
But all dem local wine you present me
Ah got to taste some a dem for sure (aye Miss Gloria)
Oh madame, which one is yuh favourite?
Bring it out, quick – lemme taste it (aye Miss Gloria)
Is you who make – and you must know

– Ah want a good head before ah go !
Citrus, Hibicus, Dandyroot, Passionfruit
Temawee, Strawberry, Aloes and Rice wine


She say, Cocoa wine does give me short breath

And sometimes it make me upset (aye Miss Gloria)
Maybe de seed does have it so strong
Or ah leave it in de jam too long (aye Miss Gloria)
When it comes to wine ah have de recipe

Go out deh – ask anybody (aye Miss Gloria)
Any function, any party

Dem people does come running-running to me !


Cocoa, Long mango, Carili, Temawee,
Guava, Balata, Plantain and Cane wine
Paw-paw, Aloes (aye Miss Gloria)
Corn wine, Ah have cane wine

Fig wine (aye Miss Gloria)
Pom pom, pom pom pom pom,
Coconut wine

Hard wine ! Aye Miss Gloria !

Pom pom, pom pom pom pom,
It sweet, it sweet,
It nice nice nice nice nice…