“Lest We Forget…”


ZP_An old Canadian Red Ensign in its version from probably the 1870s_This flag was taken by a German soldier from a Canadian soldier at Dieppe during WWI.ZP_The Minnie H. Bowen Canada Flag of the 1920sZP_The Canadian Red Ensign flag in a black and white photoZP_One of several hundreds of rejected Canada Flag redesigns submitted by citizens in 1964ZP_one of several hundreds of rejected Canada Flag designs submitted by citizens in 1964 for the making of a New Flag to replace the old Canada Red EnsignJust above:  Two flags hand-drawn by citizens during 1964 as part of designing a New Canada Flag to replace the old Canada Red Ensign.  The submission immediately above included the following note: “Indians were here 20,000 years ago, getting along peacefully until the White races came and stole nearly all they own. They are the true Canadians.”  That statement is as polemical in 2013 as it would’ve been in 1964.  History is cruel but the future may well be just.  November 11th – Remembrance Day – makes us ponder human beings and their all-too-human culture:  shipbuilding, trade, conquest, slavery, immigration, resistance, renaissance, reconciliation, mestizaje, and evolving nationhoods…


Invincible Peoples

Forgotten not gone

For Invisible Peoples

I’m beating my drum

Irrepressible Peoples

Our Story is long

Oh my Sister, my Brother

The Future is Now

—And Something be lost

—And Something be won

Invincible Spirit

Yes, Hear my Song!


ZP_The present-day Flag of Canada_designed in 1964ZP_Canada Flag by Alex IndigoZP_New Brunswick Canada October 2013_Portrait of a PetroState in Distress_ View from the Elsipogtog sacred fire_Photograph by M. HoweZP_Image from The Professional Deviant Art