“Hojarascas” (“Fallen Leaves”): autumn poems of love

Fallen Leaves in the rain_October 24th 2015_Toronto

Aneudis Pérez (pen-name)
Oh, that we might join together – and make the leaves fall!

Take me by your hand and don’t let me go.
Carry me to the path by the river
– I want to quench my thirst at your side,
and to live right next to you; oh, this love.
Take me with your eyes in the shadows;
guide me with the light of your gaze.
Our way is full of peering eyes,
but if you go with me,
those spying eyes won’t hurt me.
Surround me with your breath, this night is cold,
and my soul finds its haven inside you.
There is music and perfume there in your room
– and peace, too, a lovely peace in your silence.
Embrace me in your skin, oh lovely girl!
There’s no complexion more smooth than your face,
nor a softness more silky than the sheath of you,
a jewelbox of petunias and hollyhocks!
You raise me by your voice to the highest heights,
and in your heavenly song you give me calm;
there is no melody more tender and sweet
than hearing you in our mornings.
Love me with all your being
– till the point of exhaustion, till eternity or whatever time exceeds us.
Give me all your love – your life
– and let us travel the universe, ploughing right through it!
My Love, I don’t believe this is too much, what I’ve asked of you,
so you are a soft breeze and I am wind:
oh, that we might join together and make the leaves fall!
and that our bed be the skin of heaven!

. . .
Gabriela Ponce (México)
Of autumn and fallen leaves
I have painted the hues of my shadow
in the serene colour of your gaze:
tones of autumn and fallen leaves.
Your transparent crystal glance
makes me able to show my face
inside the sublime garden of your soul.
For that reason, too,
whenever you are quiet,
your face alone speaks,
and there’s a gentle fragrance
in the nearness of your breath.
I love to listen to you in the silence,
and with pure feeling.
And my memory has no previous recollections now
– just the manifestation of renewed interest.
I set you in this scene with the best verses I can write;
only Poetry makes good sense.
And within my eternal dream
you are whispering in my ear
in a language of perfection!

. . .
Marchena (Costa Rica)
Fallen Leaves
Like rain with fallen leaves
I am shipwrecked
stripped of my wings
outside of Time
With a wide gaze
and cloaked in failure
drawn into the wind
just like fallen leaves
swirling crazily
I have a premonition that
tomorrow I’ll’ve
run aground in some corner.
. . .

Gustavo Emilio Bonacci (Argentina)
Fallen Leaves
The fallen leaves of autumn
and my wager ups the ante
with no desire to converse.
Fear empowers itself of immortal breath
and our kiss registers as
a destiny for fatal lovers.
Two parallel paths united
in a reddish woods.
And passion, enveloped in sweet fullness,
bedeviled itself.
Harmonious lives
in the hell of a “divine comedy”
– the tenderhearted heard cries of tragedy.

. . .
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