Andre Bagoo / Tomorrow Please God: poems from the premiere issue of Douen Islands

Douen Islands_Issue 001_Tomorrow Please God_Poems by Andre Bagoo

Ship of Theseus


I have to see your face 

if am not going to stare.


How do we know for sure

a dead body is really there?


Call all you wed by my surname 

so that when I die, we breathe


in your body, in your new lover 

and then, later, his new lover


his and his. In this way 

our marriage lasts forever.

Douen Islands_Issue 001_Father of the Nation

Father of the Nation


My life should grow longer 

With each moment you live 

We, strange twins, each 

Approaching middle-age 

Through reversed ends


Assuming I will live tomorrow 

I can time my midlife crisis 

My life chained to yours 

Our wrong-footed estimates 

Leave one set of footprints

.     .     .

Dragon Boat


I will put my bucket down 

Over my head 

And turn it into straw, spin 

Bark into gold.

Our ways always hold. 

We cup love with tightness. 

We know enough of currency 

To know. 

When you see me 

You always say, 

Excuse me, you from China?” 

You’ve nearly understood. 

Our ways are old 

Our bodies, our own. 

We don’t take back 

What we never gave.

.     .     .

These poems are taken from Douen Islands, a poetry e-book produced in collaboration by poet Andre Bagoo, graphic designer Kriston Chen, artists Brianna McCarthy and Rodell Warner, and sitarist Sharda Patasar.

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