Muharram Mubarak: poem for a blesséd New Year المحرّم


New Year’s Resolutions: 

a poem by Wayfarer


The first of Muharram has arrived


Another year we have survived

This year we strive to do so much better

Practice our Deen down to the letter

Complete all our Salaat on time

Do many good deeds in our prime

Give Zakat without hesitation

Of the Holy Qu’ran make frequent recitation

Treat all we come across with kindness

Constantly ask for forgiveness

Muharram Mubarak to you, and

May all your Duas come true

Insha’Allah !



.     .     .

Glossary of Arabic phrases and Muslim terms:


Alhamdulillah:  In Arabic – God/Allah be praised

Deen:  In Arabic – the way or code of life

Salaat:  Arabic for proper prayer ritual

Zakat:  the giving of a portion of one’s wealth to the poor or needy – a practice initiated by Muhammad

Muharram Mubarak:  Blesséd Muharram – an equivalent to Happy New Year in English.  Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar.  In 2012 New Year’s Day is November 15th and marks the beginning of year 1434.

Dua:  calling out to/summoning God – one’s personal invocation to Allah

Insha’Allah:  In Arabic – God/Allah willing,  If God/Allah wishes it to be so.



A special Thank You to Wayfarer for this Muharram poem!

.     .     .     .     .