Passover poems: “An experience of redemption, more or less…”

Mrs. Bracha Meshchaninov




House cleaned

more or less

kitchen surfaces covered

more or less

food ready

more or less

an experience of redemption

more or less




“The Seder”**



We chewed the hand-made bread

of redemption

and wine specially made

children primed for performance… performed

and wonderful guests came and prayed

yet his eyes were sad and her skin showed strain

We left Mitzraim***

but in pain we stayed.




*  Pesach = Passover, the Jewish holyday and festival

**  The Seder = a ritual feast of Passover, includes family and friends

re-telling the story of the Israelites’ flight from Ancient Egypt

***  We left “Mitzraim” = We left “Ancient Egypt”,

referring to The Exodus from slavery under The Pharaohs


Today, April 7th, is the first day of Passover 2012.