The Face of Summer: ひまわり Tornasol Sunflower Tournesol Girasole Girassol ひまわり


Mang Ke (1950 – )

Sunflower in the Sun (Excerpt)
















やはり光の束を輝き放っている ….. …..




Mang Ke

Sunflower in the Sun (excerpt)


Do you see?

Do you see that sunflower in the sun?

You see, it didn’t bow its head

But turned its head back

As if to bite through

The rope around its neck

Held by the sun’s hands.


Do you see it?

Do you see that sunflower, raising its head

Glaring at the sun?

Its head almost eclipses the sun

Yet even when there is no sun

Its head still glows. …..  …..





Invocación (un extracto)


Quédate bajo el brillo tornasol

o arrástrame

a tu sombría transparencia

Murciélago de luz

que sabe tanto de volar

como de sueño


del techo

y de cabeza hacia la oscuridad.

Quédate bajo el brillo tornasol y arrástrame

a tu sombría transparencia

Soy sólo yo, a contracorriente

sólo mi corazón,

piedra vertiginosa

que rueda.




Dale Harris (New Mexico, USA)

Manzano Sunflowers


You missed Indian Market

And of course the sunflowers.

As usual they swept across August

At first a few, a yellow trickle along the fence line

Then more, making pools in the pasture

And splashing down into the “arroyo”

Then, incredibly many more,

Dappling the distance,

As though a giant hand had buttered the land.


Yet with the entire prairie to expand into,

They prefer crowds of themselves

They mass along the roadside,

Lined up as though a parade were about to pass.

Here and there one stands alone,

But not for long.

Soon his kin will come

And there will be sunflower squalor,

There will be sunflower squalor, a floral slum.


Once they are out,

They will not be ignored.

Stretching their skinny stalks,

They top our roof-line,

Press against the window screens,

And peep in at the door.

Familiar foot paths to the out buildings are obscured,

And from the road we seem afloat,

Our cabin, an odd tin boat

In a sea of sunflower faces.


They are the most staccato of flowers.

I catch them humming snatches of polkas

And John Philip Sousa marches,

Bobbing in the wind to the Boogaloo,

The Boogie Woogie and the Lindy Hop.

I call their names,

Clem, Clarissa, Sarah Jane

To try and tame them.


My neighbour comes by.

She has a field full

They’re useless, she complains.

Her horses can’t eat them.

I should hope not!  I exclaim,

After she’s gone.


I don’t remember if you even liked sunflowers

But you liked Life

And they are all about that.

Today I wrote to your family, finally.

I expect they are occupying themselves,

With beautiful gestures

In order to get over the grief of you.

As for me, I have sunflowers…



Michèle Corti



Vieille fleur du Pérou au bel astre pareil,

Sunflower, Sonnenblume, Girasol, Girassole

L’oiseau trouve un abri sous ton grand parasol,

Au plus chaud de l’été, éclosent tes merveilles.


“Hélianthus annuus” ou même “grand soleil”

Tu envahis les champs de mille têtes fières

Qui rebrodent d’or pur notre dame la Terre

Frissonnante d’azur, émeraude et vermeil.


De ton coeur irradié par l’astre solennel

Va couler la douceur d’une huile flavescente

Radieux tournesol, sur ta tige puissante

Tu règnes glorieux, et parais éternel !


La folie de Vincent a cru, dans tes pétales

Entrevoir les grands feux d’un lointain paradis

Tu as su fasciner le grand peintre maudit

Qui, au milieu des champs recherchait les étoiles…




Eugenio Montale (1896-1981)

Portami il girasole ch’io lo trapianti


Portami il girasole ch’io lo trapianti

nel mio terreno bruciato dal salino,

e mostri tutto il giorno agli azzurri specchianti

del cielo l’ansietà del suo volto giallino.


Tendono alla chiarità le cose oscure,

si esauriscono i corpi in un fluire

di tinte: queste in musiche. Svanire

è dunque la ventura delle venture.


Portami tu la pianta che conduce

dove sorgono bionde trasparenze

e vapora la vita quale essenza;

portami il girasole impazzito di luce.




Lô Borges e Márcio Borges

Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo

(Letras cantada por Milton Nascimento)


Vento solar e estrelas do mar

a terra azul da cor de seu vestido

vento solar e estrelas do mar

você ainda quer morar comigo.


Se eu cantar não chore não

é só poesia

eu só preciso ter você por mais um dia

ainda gosto de dançar, bom dia,

como vai você?


Sol, girassol, verde vento solar

você ainda quer morar comigo

vento solar e estrelas do mar

você ainda quer morar comigo.




芝不器男   Fukio Shiba  (1903-1930)

Sunflower Haiku



Looking into the sunflower’s centre,

the sea has disappeared.